How to Color a Simple Glow from your Jack-o-Lantern

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It's Tutorial Tuesday!

And Happy Halloween!

I thought we would celebrate with a Jack-o-Lantern tutorial. In this tutorial we'll cover creating a simple glow you can use every Halloween when coloring your glowing jack-o-lanterns =)
Jack-o-Lanterns are really most special when they are lighting up your front porch or lawn with their magical glow. So I like to color my jack-o-lanterns all lit up. Sometimes I do a basic golden or yellow glow, like we use in this tutorial, but I've also done different color glows to create an eerie effect like in the images below:

A green glow is super creeeeeeeeeeeeeepy! Makes me think of witchfire! muahahaha

I thought a blue glow would go well with a reaper. It represents the cold grip of death.... Brrrrr!!
The most important thing to consider when choosing your glow colors is that you use the brightest value of the color you like - usually. You could possibly play around with black or gray "smoke" coming from the jack-o-lantern, but that's a tutorial for another Halloween! ^_^

 Now, onto the tutorial...

Grab Halloween the Ghost to color yourself here:

Keep in mind...

You don't have to use Copics to follow along. Just use your color chart to match what you have to my colors below. Then create your own palette from that, labeling your colors with the Copic codes below so you can follow along with the video. Easy peasy =) 

Feel free to pin the image below to your Pinterest board so you can come back to the tutorial later :)

Have a Haunting Halloween!

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