How to color: Using drawing aides in your coloring.


It's Tutorial Tuesday!

This week we are coloring Arielle Candy Cane Christmas Elf. For this tutorial, we're using the Bonus JPG which turns our candy cane elf into a proper faery ^_^

Toward the end of the tutorial you'll see me pull out a bowl to use as a template for the round background behind her. A lot of people think of this as "cheating" but I assure you, it is not! =) I can draw a circle without tracing but it's much faster and neater if I use a drawing aide - in this case a Chinese take out container. So practice drawing your shapes freehand - including circles, but don't hesitate to use a drawing aide if it's going to mean a quicker, neater result.

 Now, onto the tutorial...

Grab Arielle Candy Cane Christmas Elf to color yourself here:

Keep in mind...

You don't have to use Copics to follow along. Just use your color chart to match what you have to my colors below. Then create your own palette from that, labeling your colors with the Copic codes below so you can follow along with the video. Easy peasy =)  (Where it says YR24, I actually use YR21! So SORRY about that!)

Feel free to pin the image below to your Pinterest board so you can come back to the tutorial later :)

Have a Great Week!


  1. DELIGHTFUL image, WONDERFUL colouring and FABULOUS tutorial!
    I really enjoyed watching and listening as you coloured ... I will have to try going dark to light ... I learnt to go light-dark-light, so hoping my colours will be much darker & richer than ever :)
    THANK YOU for sharing!

  2. I totally enjoyed your wonderful tutorial, Amanda! You make it look so easy. That's because you are truly gifted. I learned quite a few techniques. Thank you! Lori P xx

    1. Thanks Lori. I'm really glad you learned something new =)