How to Create a Dreamy Background with Soft Pastels or Eyeshadow

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It's Tutorial Tuesday!

This week we are coloring Honey and Her Piglet in the Snow. For this tutorial, we're going to play around a little bit with soft pastels - or, if you don't have soft pastels - eyeshadow =)

When creating character art, your background plays an important role in keeping the focus of your artwork on your characters (or the scene you've created with your characters). If you look off into the distance, you'll notice that the further away an object is, the fuzzier it becomes. The color gets dulled down, the edges are not as sharp, and details often disappear. Unless the background tells a story related to your characters, it's not a bad idea to omit the objects in it altogether. Today we are going to use a second medium to create a soft, dream-like background. In the video I will be using Faber Castell soft pastels - however, if you don't have soft pastels handy - don't worry! You can grab a blue eyeshadow palette at the Dollar Store (if you don't already have one handy), and that will work just as well. However, if you really like this effect, you can find soft pastels pretty cheap at various art stores or Amazon. It would be worth the purchase since art pastels are designed to be long lasting, where eyeshadow may not be. That said, my eyeshadow backgrounds are still going strong over a year later. I made sure to protect them with a workable fixative =) Also, I use a white paint marker instead of the usual white gel pens in this tutorial. I own pretty much every opaque white gel pen on the market and all of them "skip" a lot which gets annoying and adds texture to the image where maybe I don't want texture. So I thought I would give a white paint marker a try. In the video I'm using the Uni Posca Pen. So far, it's working out a lot better than the gel pens, so I may stick to this from now on. That said, you can use your white gel pen in exactly the same way that I use the paint pen here =)

 Now, onto the tutorial...

Grab Honey & Her Piglet in the Snow to color yourself here:

Keep in mind...

You don't have to use Copics to follow along. Just use your color chart to match what you have to my colors below. Then create your own palette from that, labeling your colors with the Copic codes below so you can follow along with the video. Easy peasy =) 

Feel free to pin the image below to your Pinterest board so you can come back to the tutorial later :)

Have a Great Week!

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