New Releases! Christmas Tomte Gnomes & Witches

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7 New Images in the Shop!

I fell head over heels for the adorable tomte gnomes when I found one at our local Meiers a couple years ago. He sits on our mantle year round, even though he's really a Christmas decoration hehe... I thought I would draw my own tomte-nisse gnomes this year and share them with you...

The digi bundle includes all 3 of the gnomes but you can grab them each individually as well... 

Holiday Banner Tomte comes with a few bonus JPGs (they're also included in the digi bundle). Check it out =)

Then I was thinking of how magical Christmas is, and how magical witches are (to me) and realized I never put them together and thus my Christmas witches were born =D

You can also get these individually:

I think these will be the last of the Christmas images added to the shop for 2017 =)

A new addition in the Gothic Carnival series has also been added to the shop: Gothic Carnival Ophelia Strongman...

Remember the sale ends Friday December 8th! 
So grab them quick. 

Happy Holidays!!

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