We're Going On An Egg Hunt....

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Good Morning and welcome to another of my inspiration posts for Faery Ink. This week I am sharing the last of the Tomte Gnomes from the Spring Tomte Nisse Gnomes Bundle. This cutie is Tomte Gnome Easter. A perfect stamp for the upcoming festival.

I do love these gnomes and their cute, little smiles. Need to grab myself some of the others that I haven't got yet!

Do you send out many Easter or Spring cards? It's not really a done thing here in the UK, although my mother-in-law sends some out to the grandkids and great grandkids, so she usually has any that I make.

The sentiment on the bottom layer says "we're going on an egg hunt yum yum" and all I have done all day is sing that phrase in the style of Michael Rosen singing "We're going on a bear hunt!" I do love that book and Michael Rosen's performance of it is amazing! Go Google it!

And that's all from me for this post folks! Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to pop on over to the Faery Ink Facebook group and share all your fabulous makes with us there! 

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