A Midsummer Night's Dream Artist Trading Card Swap


"If you see a fairy ring 
 In a field of grass, 
 Very lightly step around, 
 Tip-Toe as you pass, 
 Last night Fairies frolicked there 
 And now they're sleeping somewhere near."

Won't you join us for a fun, "Midsummer Night's Dream" faery themed artist trading card swap? The rules are super simple. You can choose to swap 1, 2 or 3 faery themed artist trading cards. You can feature any kind of "fae" creature - mermaid, dryad, centaur, etc... It doesn't have to be a winged human =) Just some kind of fey! They do NOT have to use Faery Ink images - though it's certainly appreciated =)

Btw - all of the digis in the Fairy and Fantasy digis section are on sale for 50% off through June 24th, so if you're looking for something new to use in your ATCs, now's a great time to go shopping <3

If you're not familiar with artist trading cards, please check out the videos at the bottom of this post to learn more...

To sign up, cut and paste the following information to an email and send it to faeryink@gmail.com. Make sure your subject is "Midsummer Fae ATC Swap"

  1. Your name as it will be included in your mailing address
  2. Your mailing address, including country
  3. How many artist trading cards you would like to swap
  4. Are you open to mailing internationally?
  5. What do you NOT want to see on the ATC you receive?
DO NOT WAIT to start making your artist trading card(s) until assignments have been made. Start as soon as you send your swap information in. This way you're ready to deliver as soon as you get your swap recipient's mailing address and just maybe they'll receive it by or on Midsummer (International Faery Day).

Deadline for signing up: June 14th midnight EDT
Recipient info will be mailed out on June 15th
Get your card(s) in the mail by: June 21st 

Here are a couple videos I've made on creating artist trading cards you might want to check out as well:

I look forward to swapping with you!!!

Whimsical wishes!