Heart of the sea, a beautiful mermaid

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Hello friends! Cristina González here with the latest mermaid of the Faery Ink Universe.  The name of this creature is "Heart of the sea Mermaid", and you can find it in the shop following this link.

Taking my coloring lessons a bit further, I tried to make my first background with watercolors. I used the Winstor&Newton half pans, with the Paynes gray, Emerald, and Cobal BL HU pans. The mermaid is colored with copic sketch markers. I used the C5-C3-C1-C00 for all the grays and the G09-G07-C05-G03 greens for the emerald and top.

I hope you like it and I say you goodbye remembering you that you have the One day fae digi .giveaway with another beautiful mermaid. Don't forget this oportunity. XOXO


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