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How would you like to make getting your Faery Ink fix even easier every month? Are you someone who always wanted to be able to play with pre-colored Faery Ink digis? Or maybe you're someone who has been missing the good ol' days of Faerygrrl and psp tubes? Well guess what?! I've got something you're gonna love. Faery Ink has set up a little home on Patreon, a blog/subscription service for people to show their support for their favorite artists while getting lots of goodies in return. And as you probably already know - I love to spoil my friends!!!

Check it out here:

Here's what's already up for October (and we're only halfway through!)

Plus full, print resolution colored versions of the adorable Batsy Boo, with print resolution colored versions of our dragon friend Lil Ember coming this weekend. I'll also be adding a tube set featuring Ember and Batsy Boo and a few of their witchy friends too. Next month, you'll see Christmas drift in with Santa and his elves. And all of this you can get for just $5 per month. And if you're nervous, just get your toes wet for $1 a month. That gets you 1 digi and the chance to see how this all works. That's right, $1 for 1 digi. In October, Pencil Pixies (the $1 tier) received our cutie pie Lil Ember in both Jack-o-Lantern version and Autumn version (so really, they received 2 - the tier descriptions are the minimums of what you will receive! I will always try to do more, but you know, life gets in the way sometimes...)

Now you may wonder, what does this mean for Etsy, and this blog?

Nothing really. I will still update Etsy and this blog will still be a great place to get inspired by the design team and snag FREE digis (have you seen the new section up in the top menu there???)

Free Coloring Pages

But the Patreon is where I will be blogging, sharing behind the scenes stuff, and hopefully letting you into my personal world a little more. Not all the posts will be patron only, but a lot of them will be. I want it to be a place where people are invested in the creative process too. Even if it's just $1. So when I'm excited - I know, you probably are too =)

I think that's it for now! I've extended the Halloween sale through October, so if you haven't gotten your half price Halloween digis now's a good time =)

The Etsy Shop

I hope your October is off to a fantastic start. 2019 is sure flying by!

Whimsical wishes!

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