Happy New Year 2020!!

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Hello Hunny Bunny!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year!! I hope your 2019 was fantastic - but I'm really hoping that 2020 blows us away with it's awesomeness. I am back to creating full time which makes me super happy. What are you looking forward to in the new year? What are you going to add to your life to make it happier? I used to just let things come as they would - and mostly, I still do, but, I also make it a point to find things that make me happy, that create serenity for me, and fit them into my busy schedule too. Spending time with my loved ones and arts & crafting are things that bring a lot of joy to my life and give it meaning, so I am aiming to make these my priority this year. I hope creativity is close to the top of your list too. It's so relaxing and as we grow, it boosts our confidence as well. Please make sure you make time for it. Your spirit will thank you =)

Sweets for my Sweet!

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For a first January addition at Patreon, I thought I would make something as sweet as you are. A Valentine Cupcake to say, "You're the Sweetest!". I'd originally intended to offer a color version of this one as well, and I may still, but you know how busy the holidays can get and this past couple of weeks have been the busiest. If I do color this one up, the colored version will be available for Pencil Pixies and Digi Divas alike =) So stay tuned!
I've also added three adorable new gnome couples to the Etsy shop. Love Always, Love Eternal and Love Forever. You didn't think gnomes just sat around in gardens all day combing their beards did you??? Nah - they like cuddles, just like the rest of us =) And these three couples are snuggled up close for a little Valentine's Day canoodling... Digi Divas, be sure to drop by Patreon and grab your January discount code to get 25% off your lovable tomtes <3 Your discount code will be good for everything added to the New Release section of the Etsy shop through January - so don't miss out!
ex tg lovealways
Love Always
ex tg loveeternal
Love Eternal
ex tg loveforever
Love Forever
Last, but not least, I'm trying to get myself organized and I am setting some pretty high goals for myself. This year I will attempt to update the Etsy shop on Sunday and Tuesday as well as Faery Ink Fridays which will bring new goodies to Patreon and the Etsy shop. I hope you are as excited about 2020 as I am. I know it will be an amazing year for all of us =)
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Have a Whimsical Week!!
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