You Make Me A Happy Camper - A Simple Card Featuring Love Rides from Patreon

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A simple card featuring Love Rides - a Patreon exclusive digital stamp
Hello Sweetums!!!

Wow... It has been aaaaages since I've made a card. Sadly, I think it shows lol!! But oh well! I had a lot of fun making this Happy Camper card - even if it isn't my best card ever ^_~ And that's the whole point, isn't it?? ENJOY THE RIDE!!! ^_^

I've been adding some simpler images to the Etsy and Patreon for Valentine's Day. Just little doodles that don't require too much complicated coloring. Life is busy, and sometimes we only have the time to do something small and silly, like my happy camper card above. The recent additions to the Faery Ink shop are perfect for times like these...

The Love Rides image used in my card is available for Digi Divas over on Faery Ink's Patreon. You'll get this one and a few others by signing up today. But the goodies change every month so if you're not reading this in January 2020, you may have missed out on this one ^_~

Whether you love the simple images or like the more detailed doodles like this adorable XOXO fae, or the cuddlebug Tomtes, I know we all appreciate saving time. So my gift to you for Valentine's is a sheet of Valentine sentiments (below). Just snag them up and use them on your Valentine cards - using Faery Ink images is not at all required. But they do pair particularly nicely with the images above ^_~

Don't forget, Digi Divas get 25% off all new releases in the shop this month. Log into Patreon, click here and grab your coupon code! Not a patron? Sign up now so you don't miss out! <3

(Did I mention all these simple digis are only $3 each in the shop?! Except Love Rides which is a Patreon exclusive...)

Thanks so much for your continued support sugarplum!!!

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