Tutorial Tuesday: Watercolor Doodles with Jenny Manno

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Jenny Manno's Watercolor Doodle How To
My go at Jenny's fabulous tutorial...

Who else loves watercolor as much as I do??? I know I've been super slack with the Tutorial Tuesdays. (It's been 2 years, I think? :O ) But there are so many fantastic tutorials and how-tos out there I thought I could bring them back by sharing some of my favorite tutorials by other artists and peppering in some of my own when time allows =) For this week's Tutorial Tuesday I wanted to share this gorgeous Watercolor Doodle How-To from Jenny Manno:
View it directly on YouTube and Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0J--4bGEGk It is a lot of fun and isn't too hard to translate into digital painting or even something you can do with your Copics (or other alcohol markers)

Paint Tool SAI "Watercolor Doodle"

In Paint Tool SAI I used the Watercolor brush with the following settings (8"x10" 300 dpi canvas): Brush size: 350
Min Size: 15%
Density: 80
Simple Circle No Texture
Blending: 58
Dilution: 69
Persistence: 18 Keep Opacity UNCHECKED Smoothing Prs: 83%

When you see the colors get bolder, I went into Filter > Brightness/Contrast > and cranked up the Color Deepen until I had something I liked.

And for the inking I used the Brush tool at various sizes. Because this is just line art, the rest of the settings do not matter very much, but you can look at my settings to emulate them if you find you are having difficulty.

I also put a couple drops of Copic ink into my watercolor palette and brushed some colors onto some cardstock. I then went over them with drops of alcohol as well as some alcohol brushstrokes. After that dried I took my black india ink pen and did the doodles.

Jenny's "Watercolor Doodle" with Copic Ink

As you can see, Jenny's how to is easily transferred through various mediums. Though I think the organic feel of the original watercolor she does it in is my absolute favorite!

If you follow along I would love to see your creations over in the Faeryink Creative Community, and don't forget to share them in Jenny's group as I'm sure she would love to see them as well.

Whimsical wishes!

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