Pretty Girls with Wings & Things

Pretty Girls with Wings and Things

Step inside a land of enchantment with the first ever Faery Ink coloring book...

This 8.5" x 11" coloring book features a variety of styles and themes with the focus of each coloring page being a pretty girl (and some kind of flying apparatus - usually wings!)

This book includes two full sets of the 21 artworks, for a total of 42 pages to color in. Every image is on it's own page so you don't have to sacrifice any pretty girls when you decide to pull a finished coloring out to decorate your home or gift to a friend. Each image is fit to the page, meaning it does not bleed off the page - making it easier to color and prettier once framed for hanging.

This coloring book was not designed with small children in mind. However, this is a great coloring book to color with little ones as it has a broad range of images from the completely innocent "Candy Fae" or "Faeries Heart Unicorns" to the slightly more mature "Absinthe" or "Skulls and Fishnets". Carefully tear out their page before starting on yours for a wonderful time coloring together.

Check out the little flip through video I put together below =)

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