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Being able to earn a little bit with my creative pursuits helps me continue in them. The more I do and learn, the more I can share with you and the rest of the world. There are a few ways you can support that endeavor =)

  • Shop for Digis! - I keep a rotating selection of digital stamps (or you can just use them as printable coloring pages) in my Etsy shop. I add and remove digis periodically just to keep the costs down so if you see something one day and it's not there the next, but you really really want it, just get in touch and I will get it up for you =)
  • Shop for Original Artworks! - If you love whimsical girls as much as I do, then you probably like to decorate your home with them too. I've recently started adding some of my originals to Ebay so others can enjoy them as well. The Copic originals are priced very low since alcohol markers aren't very lightfast. They will not be something you can pass down from generation to generation but they will certainly last you for many years regardless. I have Copic paintings from 5 years ago that do not look any different today than they did when I first colored them anyway =) I also sell my watercolor, acrylic and mixed media pieces which are pieces you will be able to pass down to your grandchildren one day =)
  • Shop Coloring Books! - Every now and then I will compile some older digis that I add backgrounds too, along with some fresh, new images and put them into a coloring book for my friends who like to relax with a nice, fantasy themed coloring book during their downtime. 

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